ESAA supports WA electricity tariff reform

The Energy Supply Association of Australia (ESAA) has thrown its support behind the Western Australian government's intention to reform the state's electricity tariffs.

There have also been calls for a review into pricing schemes across the country.

Solar energy systems have become more and more prominent in residential dwellings throughout Australia, over the last six years, with feed-in tariffs and generous subsidies driving the reliance on solar - these have resulted in increasing electricity prices as a result.

ESAA chief executive Matthew Warren said government support is not needed to foster the growth of solar use.

"Governments have taken sensible steps to close these schemes. Now it is time to look at existing tariff structures to ensure they are not also leading to higher power bills for everyone else," Mr Warren explained.

The ESAA boss said that while solar users are fortunate enough to enjoy reduced electricity bills, it must be ensured that other, non-solar users, are not paying the price.

"People who have installed solar are still big users of the network. They import and export electricity and they should pay their fair share," Mr Warren elaborated.

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Posted by Charlie Moore