ESAA: Sale of NSW power stations good for households

For New South Wales energy consumers struggling with electricity prices this winter, the privatisation of the state's power stations could ease some of the financial burden, according to Australia's peak energy industry body.

The Energy Supply Association Of Australia (ESAA) has welcomed the finalisation of the sale of New South Wales' electricity generators, saying that it will encourage more private investment and competition within the industry.

"A half private, half public generation sector was never going to deliver good outcomes over the long term," said ESAA chief executive Matthew Warren.

"This is good news for NSW households who have been facing higher power bills. This is the kind of market reform that really benefits consumers," he added.

Mr Warren also championed the move as beneficial to the New South Wales budget, citing the heavy costs of building, running and maintaining energy assets.

He denied that privatisation would cause electricity prices to rise, saying that figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics showed more price increases happened in states where the energy networks were publicly run.

Posted by Charlie Moore