ESAA CEO promotes use of energy efficient appliances

Energy Supply Association of Australia (ESAA) chief executive officer Matthew Warren has encouraged the use of energy efficient appliances to help reduce the impact of rising electricity prices throughout Australia.

"While overall demand for electricity is flattening out around Australia, the increasing use of energy-hungry appliances such as air-conditioners means we are demanding more and more electricity on just a handful of days a year," said Mr Warren (July 12).

"Smoothing out these peaks with new smart technologies and incentives for consumers to manage their energy use better will make the system more efficient and cheaper to run, with savings passed on to households."

The comments came in response to a recent report from the Standing Council on Energy and Resources which has pushed for energy sector reform.

The Review of the Limited Merits Review: Stage One Report found that significant reform in the way electricity suppliers are able to appeal regulatory decisions regarding what they can charge for infrastructure was necessary in order to better take into account the long term of interests of consumers.

Mr Warren has commented on those findings, claiming that a healthy appeals process was necessary in ensuring safety, reliability and affordability in the Australian electricity supply.

He stated that the current appeals process seeks to strike a balance between necessary investment and user affordability.

Posted by Charlie Moore