Ergon solar take-up in regional QLD doubles

With electricity prices expected to rise, a record number of regional Queenslanders attached their solar systems to Ergon Energy's network in 2012.

Under the Queensland government's Solar Bonus Scheme, 31,990 more photovoltaics (PV) systems were connected last year - nearly doubling in a 12-month period.

Paul Ryan of Ergon Energy, said that the 65,361 connections in 2012 is a 96 per cent jump, equating to more than 195 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity connected to the Ergon network.

"These systems are generating in excess of 820 megawatt hours (MWh) per day, enough to power 43,000 average homes each day, providing there is sufficient sunshine of course," he said.

Mr Ryan added that it's expected an additional 25,000 people will be connected by the end of 2013,  while around 15 per cent of all regional Queenslanders currently have a PV system.

The most installations for last year were found in Townsville, with 7,962 systems connected, while Toowoomba recorded 7,003 installations.

Mr Ryan warned that those who have signed a contract with Ergon for the 44 cent feed in tariff, but are yet to connect their system, should move ahead with the installation to avoid a rush before the June 30 deadline arrives.

"Failure to have their system installed and ready for meter connection with lodgement of a Form A by that date will void the 44 cent feed in tariff under the Solar Bonus Scheme," he said.