Enhance your appliance efficiency with the Smarter Choice app

Knowing how to choose the most efficient appliances isn't always easy, but with the help of the new Smarter Choice app, it could be about to get much simpler.

Rolled out by the New South Wales government, the application is designed to assist consumers when they head out to buy new appliances.

It's been made possible through a partnership between the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and Sustainability Victoria, and is free to download from both iTunes and Google Play.

Consumers can calculate the total cost of running an appliance over the course of its lifetime, giving them the best possible chance of selecting a product that's cheap to run in the long term.

Environment Minister Rob Stokes said people could notice an impact on their electricity bills if they start to make more informed decisions when it comes to their appliances.

"Progressing from a 400-litre, two-star fridge to a six-star model could save a consumer $760 on running costs over its life time and reduce unnecessary electricity demand," Mr Stokes emphasised.

In some cases, consumers will find the operational costs of their appliance are higher than the initial purchase price, which is where this app can come in especially handy.

There's also the Energy Star rating scheme to help people buy the most efficient products on the market - the higher the number of stars, the more efficient the appliance will be.

The scheme was first devised in the US back in 1992 and has since been adopted by various other nations, including Australia.

Energy Rating Labels are also used across a wide range of appliances, with the intention of helping consumers make like-for-like comparisons across products.

Everything from dishwashers to air conditioning units, clothes dryers to televisions are covered by energy labelling, which demonstrates that products have met Minimum Energy Performance Standards.

Posted by Jeremy Elliott