EnergyAustralia pulls out of door-to-door sales

One of the country's leading electricity suppliers has pulled the plug on unannounced door-to-door sales tactics.

EnergyAustralia has opted to stop the practice, which is designed to recruit new customers, as of this March.

Group executive manager of retail Adrian Merrick said that while it has been an effective technique, the tactic has received a significant number of complaints.

He explained "The days of an EnergyAustralia representative approaching someone's door unannounced to offer them electricity and gas contracts are over.

"While door knocking is an effective way of selling electricity and gas contracts and deliver us significant sales, households have made it clear that it's something they don't like or want."

Mr Merrick said customers find the idea "intrusive" and that they wish to be in control of how they interact with energy suppliers.

AGL said that it would review the practice in Victoria, as the company already removed it as one of its sales methods in other states, due to it being inefficient.

A spokesperson told News Limited that AGL had withdrawn door-to-door sales in Queensland and South Australia last year.

EnergyAustralia has taken the step because, Mr Merrick explained, they are keen to provide the best service possible - a concept which can only be provided by listening to customers.

Posted by Charlie Moore