Energy white paper ensures bills skyrocket: McArdle

The Queensland energy minister says that residents in his state will have to endure doubling electricity prices as a result of the federal government's energy white paper.

Mark McArdle says that de-regulation will hit the bush of Queensland the hardest and argues that this white paper was leaked to the media but not shown to state energy ministers.

"Based on media reports, proposals to deregulate the electricity industry would only help people living in major urban areas and would “throw the regions and the bush to the wolves".

"What Labor will not say today is how the current pricing system, heavily determined by its own Australian Energy Regulator, will deliver lower network costs," he said.

McArdle says that New South Wales and Queensland are different from the de-regulated Victoria market as the ground the poles have to cover is very different. By following their Victoria's steps, consumers in remote areas will be paying higher prices in order to receive the same service.

He said he doesn't expect the white paper will discuss how much green schemes cost the consumer on an annual basis, saying that they add over $300 to a power bill every year.

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Posted by Charlie Moore