Energy suppliers warn locals about fire risks

As temperatures continue to remain in the mid to high 30s across much of New South Wales, electricity suppliers have warned residents to remain vigilant.

Fallen power lines or vegetation touching wires can potentially lead to fires and Essential Energy's chief executive Gary Humphreys has reassured the company's customers that crews always inspect networks, but the public should always be on the lookout.

He commented: "With the heatwave conditions forecast across the state, we remind the public that power lines can sag in extreme heat, sway in strong winds and can be difficult to see.

"If overhead power lines appear damaged, are sagging or have fallen to the ground, keep eight metres clear - don't touch or move them under any circumstances - and contact Essential Energy immediately on 13 20 80."

Today (January 11) is a Total Fire Ban day across the entire state and as a result, Essential Energy takes extra precautions to reduce the chances of bushfire.

If a network fault were to occur the power would be shut off to the area until a technician could arrive at the location and assess the problem.

Mr Humphreys did acknowledge the potential for inconvenience to customers, but said it was important to mitigate any possibility of fires.