Energy savings for the whole famil

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Every household is different, but it's a sure thing that kids these days use a heap of electronic devices and there's no doubt that this contributes to electricity bills.

One way to protect yourself from high electricity prices is to treat reducing energy usage as a fun, family game. Check out these ideas that you can use to create a more eco friendly home.

Check your kid's devices

Encourage your kids to only plug in their devices when they need charging and to remove them immediately once they're done - don't forget to flick off the switch! Do spot checks and keep a chart that records successes.

If your child is going well with the initiative, consider giving them a treat or incentive for certain good results.

You can also set your child's laptop, phone or iPad screen to a lower level of brightness. Many screens are brighter than necessary so it won't hurt to turn it down a few notches. This will make devices last for longer and they won't chew through excess energy.

Increase family time

Try to increase the amount of time that you spend as a family - disconnected from 'the grid.' That means you put away your cell phones, video games and turn off the television to focus on each other.

Perhaps you can play outside, enjoy some board games, read books, play with toys or listen to music. The options are endless, it just so happens that we turn to technology a lot these days when other forms of communication and entertainment are just as good, if not better.

Switching off electronic devices and getting outside or playing is not only a great way to bond, but it's also essential for maintaining healthy levels of activity and helping kids develop.

That means by disconnecting from your devices on a regular basis, you're contributing to a healthier lifestyle for you and your children.

Lead by example

Show your children what other good energy efficient habits are. For instance, have them watch you do some washing and explain to them why you're only setting it on a quick cycle with cold water. Not only will this help them to learn and understand, you might even end up getting some help with the chores!

Posted by Matthew Cole