Energy saving tips during a heatwave

Between now (January 4) and Monday much of the country is expected to see temperatures in the mid-40s.

Such is the severity of the heat that the country's record temp of 50.7 degrees could be matched in the coming days.

With such an assault on the senses on the way, there are ways to keep cool without succumbing to the high electricity prices.

Stick the air conditioning to 24 degrees, as every degree lower than that will add a greater cost to running the unit. While that temperature doesn't sound particularly cool - compared to 45 degrees, it will feel like the Arctic tundra.

Go around the house and make sure that all gaps are sealed in doors and windows - there's little point in cooling the home if the cold air is escaping and hot air is entering.

Cook as little as possible and use appliances like microwaves rather than ovens to avoid heating up the room.

Close doors to rooms that aren't being cooled to centralise the effect on the main living area, as well as turning off unused appliances.

If you are unhappy with your energy company, talk to a comparison and switching service to see if there is a better deal out there for you.

Posted by Charlie Moore