Energy retail law comes into effect

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The National Energy Retail Law has taken effect in South Australia as of February 1, outlining specific rules about how electricity suppliers conduct themselves.

Other energy companies such as gas suppliers are also bound by this new rule which dictates how marketing is undertaken and how they should be treating customers who are experiencing financial hardships.

If you are struggling to pay your electricity bills then you should examine what areas of your home are consuming the most power.

Make It Cheaper managing director Tim Wolfenden said heatwaves during summer can particularly see consumption rise.

He explained: "There are many very simple household practices families can put in place to save on their bills during the heatwave while preventing many largely unnecessary uses of electricity around the home, such as leaving fans or air-conditioning on for too long or when people aren't even in the room."

Other summer saving suggestions include switching off lights as they produce heat, creating a cross breeze as it is a free air-conditioner and even using a cooler as opposed to the old beer fridge.

If you are unhappy with your energy provider, talk to a comparison switching service such as Make It Cheaper for free advice on where a better deal can be found.