Energy issues to keep in mind when moving property

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The issue of energy retailers is often left at the back of people's minds when they're relocating as they concern themselves with boxes of belongings and furniture removalists.

When moving house, occupants should remember that they have two electricity and gas connections that they must attend to: both those in the house that they're leaving and the one they're about to move into.

Prior to vacating a house, consumers should contact their current supplier to inform them of the move.

It is important to remember to pass on a forwarding address in order to avoid a late fine for not paying a bill that isn't sent to your new address.

Next you'll have to choose the provider for your new location and moving into a new house is a great chance to re-evaluate electricity and gas suppliers.

If you weren't happy with the service or rates of your last utility provider, a quick comparison might be all that is required to find a better deal.

By remembering to keep on top of these simple steps, you will ensure that you don't receive any bills for energy usage that you aren't responsible for, as well as make sure you're connected by the time you've moved in.