Energy efficient Christmas presents

It is the season to be jolly and when it comes to purchasing presents for loved ones, try to think low energy.

Because of rising electricity prices, it is perhaps a good idea to ensure that when you purchase electricity dependant gifts, the lower the consumption - the more joyous the gift.

With things like music players, televisions, DVD players and alike, look for an energy rating that can show you how you can give a special gift to someone while preventing a massive power bill.

If your mother has asked for a new washing machine, consider not just the energy rating but any other efficiency protocols it possesses. Look at the rate of water it consumes and any other features that will reduce the final bill.

Instead of giving your father a new air conditioner which he has been bugging you for, why not pay to have new blinds installed? There are curtains that can be installed on the outside of windows which reflect sunshine and is perfect for summer.

This will no doubt reduce the temperature of the house in the warmer months, while preventing a massive rise in energy bills.

Posted by Charlie Moore