Energy efficiency on the up in Victoria

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New South Wales is not the only state putting time and resources into becoming a more energy efficient region of Australia. These days, households and businesses face high electricity prices and so more governments are looking at ways to help them.

Victoria has now announced that it is also going to boost its eco credentials, by investing $3.59 million in funding towards improving the energy efficiency of its commercial buildings.

Now, the state's Smarter Resources Smarter Business - Energy Efficient Office Buildings program will aim to improve on business productivity, while simultaneously reducing costs for business owners. It will also have a hugely positive impact on the environment, reducing the amount of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere.

"The Smarter Resources Smarter Business - Energy Efficient Office Buildings program is expected to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 140,000 tonnes over 10 years," said Minister for Environment and Climate Change Ryan Smith on August 26.

Mr Smith said that tackling the commercial building sector is a particularly effective way of tackling some of the country's greenhouse gas emissions as it consumes a significant amount of energy. Older and less efficient buildings are emitting more than 1.3 million tonnes of CO2 every year, so it's an area where great improvements can be made.

Where will the $3.59 million go?

The $3.59 million dollar fund will go towards helping building owners improving the efficiency of their structure. This could be through updating heating and cooling systems to be more economical, switching to energy saving lights or a program to help the company monitor its energy use.

Building performance will be tracked for at least a 12 month period following the implementation of new energy efficiency measures so the effectiveness and cost savings can be measured and provide valuable information.

Professional advice and support will also be available throughout the process.

"Buildings involved in the program will be eligible for energy audits and monitoring to identify opportunities to improve efficiency through low-cost operational and maintenance improvements," said Mr Smith. 

Mr Smith also expects that business competitiveness will be improved through the process, and Victorian businesses are slated to save around $9 million due to the measure.

Matched funding grants are available, valuing $20,000-$150,000 for mid-tier commercial office buildings across the state, and applications will open on September 9 of this year.

Would you like more energy efficiency measures in your office building? Would you consider applying for this grant?

Posted by Charlie Moore