Energy efficiency myths

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There's a lot of information floating around the internet about how to improve your energy use in the home.

For people looking to reduce the impact of electricity prices on their household budget, it is important to ensure you're implementing measures that will make a difference.

To help out energy-conscious consumers, the Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (SEA) has debunked a number of myths.

When building an energy efficient home, people often think that implementing measures during the planning and construction process is going to cost more - which may not be the case.

SEA says: "When it comes to designing homes, the clever use of space and materials is nothing new, with a good design often costing less than a poor one."

They also refute the notion that sustainably-designed homes look different to what occupants should already be used to.

According to SEA: "Any skilled home designer will be able to incorporate sustainable design principles without sacrificing the attractiveness or overall style of your home."

They also highlight that not all heat is lost or gained through the windows.

In fact, wall insulation is an excellent measure when considering temperature control, meaning you'll be less reliant on air conditioners and heating units - helping you saving money on your bill.

Posted by Charlie Moore