Energy efficiency living tips and tricks

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Those interested in living in a more energy efficient manner can look to a new EcoLiving Centre in Melbourne which demonstrates ways that households can become more sustainable with electricity, water and waste efficient.

The EcoLiving Centre is a retrofitted 1920s house, which will be utilised by the community as a meeting place and information centre on energy efficiency methods.

"Features of the house include reflective roofing, new gutters and rain water pipes to improve rain water collection, water wise plants, compost bins and double glazed windows – all practical measures that can be taken in any household," said minister for environment and climate change Ryan Smith, opening the centre in Albion on June 14.

Mr Smith also noted that the project is an example of environmental partnerships in action.

"The centre was made possible through a partnership between Brimbank City Council and Victoria University with support from the Victorian government's Sustainability Fund, which provided $300,000 towards the retrofit and community education," said Mr Smith.

There are now 11 similar EcoLiving Centres across Victoria so that many people in the state can have the opportunity to benefit from this energy efficiency resource.

John Watson, chair of the panel of administrators at Brimbank City Council, said that the EcoLiving Centre informs, educates and demonstrates the benefits of sustainable living.

For those wanting to extend their energy efficiency even further, the EcoLiving Centre offers sustainable living short courses.

The kinds of things learnt in this one day short course include how to replace light bulbs with energy efficient ones, how to install window coverings and treatments, how to permanently seal draught and leakage points, as well as ceiling insulation and basic plumbing tasks.

These kinds of tips, tricks and information are great ways of improving your home's energy efficiency, and protecting your household against any electricity price shocks.

A few other tips might also be able to help your energy efficiency around the home. Make sure you check the temperature of your hot water cylinder - perhaps you can turn the water temperature down a degree or two to save on those heating costs which contribute greatly to your bill!

As well as this, make some simple changes such as wearing extra layers instead of turning on a heater, and only using as much lighting as you absolutely need. Every little bit of energy saving will contribute towards a lower electricity bill.

Posted by Charlie Moore