Energy demand only to increase, reports say

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Electricity retailers are looking for ways to see demand reduced by businesses and homes during peak times in Queensland, to save paying the higher prices to the generator, it's been reported.

Wholesale prices have risen across the state, the Courier Mail reports, with prices rising to $12,000 MW/h - some of which has been passed on to the consumer in rising electricity prices.

Electrical Trades Union state secretary Peter Simpson told the publication that given that many industries are still on holidays - demand will only increase.

He commented: "The construction industry is still off work, as well as education, so if we're already exceeding baseload demand in January, it will be worse in February."

Given the heat is quite intense across the country during summer, consider reducing your demand on the system by installing less energy intensive devices around your home.

Think about putting ceiling fans in your home as they use much less power than air conditioning. In conjunction with using appliances appropriately - you will find you can still keep your family cool without increasing the size of your quarterly invoice.

Talk to a comparison and switching service to see if there is a better deal out there for you.