Energy bills may impact retirees

Rising energy costs are forcing households to look at different ways to save on energy and utility bills in order to keep on top of their personal finances.

And in circumstances where people are on a set income, it is even more important to compare electricity prices as well as other bills to make sure that they do not face an especially cold winter or have to endure the summer months without access to an air-conditioner.

Retirees are especially vulnerable to changes in the energy market and in some situations may find that their pension does little to cover rising costs.

If this is the case for you or a family member then it might be a good idea to start comparing providers.

By taking the time to examine the pros and cons associated with different companies, you may come across a more competitive offer.

Another option is to speak with your energy service provider and find out if there is a more suitable package available that would better fit your unique needs.

Just make sure that you are acting on the most up-to-date expert advice before signing a new contract or agreeing to a modified plan.

Posted by Charlie Moore