Energy bills 'affected by Gen Y'

Having children is an expensive proposition and especially so if your offspring continue to live at home well into their 20s.

Whilst these children may not be unwelcome, they do have an impact on the general cost of running a home.

It may be worthwhile discussing potential options for contributing to the household budget with grown children who have returned to the family home.

After all, it's only fair as parents have managed to foot the bill during their upbringing and many families manage to come to an amicable agreement.

Even one person can make a difference to the amount of electricity and gas used in the home - particularly if they are an avid user of television and computers.

Research reported in the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) has shown that one quarter of people in the 20 to 34 age bracket still live with their parents.

Mark McCrindle, social researcher with McCrindle Research, says that eight per cent of people in their early 30s are yet to leave the nest.

"Generation Y has grown accustomed to a high standard of accommodation and is now demanding well-located housing that is also spacious and affordable," he says.

By helping to cover the cost of electricity prices, children can ease the burden on their parents before they decide to embrace independence and move out altogether.

Posted by Charlie Moore