Employee education can lead to energy bill savings

Sometimes you can control the amount of electricity you're using at home, but your business may be a different story.

Often employees simply don't pay attention to how they are using energy at the workplace as they aren't the ones paying the bills.

It is up to owners and managers to increase awareness of efficiency measures in order to bring down the cost of electricity prices on their bottom line.

Advising employees to turn computer monitors off on lunch breaks is a great starting point - it doesn't disrupt their workflow and is easy to get in the habit of doing.

Workers should also start turning off their computers at the end of the day instead of leaving them on standby.

Office lights may also not be need to be switched on for the entire working day, provided you have enough natural light filtering into the office.

A quick survey of staff will let you know if they're happy with opening blinds and having natural sunlight light their work stations.

A workplace microwave is likely to be used more often when compared to one in the average household - as employees will often bring in meals to reheat.

Fridges will also be opened more often - employers will be better off buying appliance with a higher energy rating due to the high frequency of use for these items.

Posted by Charlie Moore