Electricity prices to rise in SA?

It is possible that energy customers in South Australia could soon see a rise in their electricity prices.

AGL Energy has made a submission to the Essential Services Commission of SA (ESCOSA) for an adjustment to maintain the benchmark percentage retail margin of its services.

The energy supplier has proposed a rise of ten per cent, which is in part due to a rise in cost for distribution losses.

AGL has, however, acknowledged that the increases in the cap will need to be reviewed after the release of consumer prices index data next month.

Nigel Morris, head of consulting firm Solar Business Services, said that the government's solar photovoltaic initiative has so far had little impact on electricity prices paid by consumers.

He told reneweconomy.com.au that the public are largely unaware of how much the program has actually cost, with a report from the Australian Energy Market Commission showing that it added 0.03c/kWh to electricity bills.

This is in addition to the 3c/kWh used to pay for transmission costs, Mr Morris added, showing that the impact on bills has so far been minimal.

Posted by Charlie Moore