Electricity prices may increase in SA

Energy expenses can fluctuate, under the influence of various factors.

Market changes, governmental regulation, tax hikes or petroleum price updates can all affect the amount consumers pay for the electricity they use daily.

If you are in the market to shop around for an energy retailer - perhaps you have just moved house, or maybe you simply want a fresh start - remember that tariffs may not always be set in stone and sometimes price hikes may occur.

South Australian energy consumers may soon experience the effects of such an increase.

Recently, the Australian Gas Light Company (AGL) - South Australia's biggest energy supplier - petitioned the government, requesting permission to raise their electricity prices in response to the new carbon tax which comes into effect on July 1.

An AGL spokesman interviewed by Adelaide Now earlier this month (February) said that if the government granted its permission, the average South Australian bill payer may face an increase on their electricity account of $150 per year. 

He said that this increase aims to cover AGL for their expected rise in operational costs resulting from the upcoming instatement of the carbon tax.

According to Adelaide Now, other electricity retailers may also be considering raising their prices in response to the tax.

Posted by Charlie Moore