Electricity prices have risen 35 per cent in four years

Comments made at the Powering Australia 2011 conference have revealed the extent to which electricity prices have risen in recent times.

Business Spectator has reported that Edwin O'Young of Port Jackson Partners believes that inflation-adjusted increases have accounted for a 35 per cent jump in the past four years.

Since 2007, electricity rates have risen from 15 cents per kilowatt hour to the current price of 21 cents.

O'Young has identified the factors that result in increases, such as operating costs, green power compliance and customer acquisition expenses.

He also predicted the price of electricity to continue to climb over the next six years.

The comments come after the Australian Energy Regulator made a push last week to extend its influence over the management of spiralling energy costs - something O'Young suspects may be at odds with the inevitable rises on the horizon.

He also cites emerging factors such as the export demand from China and India - regions experiencing rapid growth - and the impact of the Gillard government's carbon price on the energy sector as likely to attribute to future hikes.