Electricity prices don't have to ruin summer fun

With electricity prices creating financial pressure on families and households, Australians may be considering whether the fun and memories that come with a backyard swimming pool are worth the financial burden.

The main expense that comes with maintaining a pool is the electricity required to run the pump.

As we head into summer, it is likely that the pump will be running for long periods during the day and eating up thousands of kilowatts of energy. However, there are ways you can reduce the impact on your hip pocket.

According to solar solutions provider Energy Matters, solar energy is good for the environment and will reduce your bills if the amount of electricity your household generates can offset the price of installing solar panels.

In most states you can also gain a credit by exporting surplus energy to the main grids.
A more immediate step you can take to is to ensure your pool's pump is not running for longer than is necessary.

How long your pump runs depends how much you use your pool and how much algae-inhibiting chemicals you use to control the growth of algae.

It is important to find the right balance between the two.