Electricity prices: Choose efficient laundry appliances

When it comes to choosing an energy efficient washing machine and dryer, the options can seem overwhelming - but it is worth spending some time thinking about your choices and evaluating your new appliances' effect on your electricity bills.

With electricity prices at the front of your mind, the first thing you'll want to consider is whether your washer is a front loading or top loading machine - both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Front loaders tend to be considerably more efficient - sometimes using half the energy of their top-loader counterparts - but they tend to hold much smaller loads. If your household goes through laundry on a regular basis, you may find that fewer loads in a top-loader is a more efficient option than many loads in a smaller appliance.

Dryers, according to Energy Matters, can be classified as energy efficient when they have a star rating of at least two or higher - and for washing machines, you should look for a star rating of 3.5 for energy and four for water.

Over the lifetime of your appliances, choosing an energy efficient tumble dryer could help cut 15 per cent of your running costs - compared to a less efficient model - while your eco-friendly washing machine can result in a 25 per cent saving.

Posted by Charlie Moore