Electricity prices a concern for Queensland sugar mills

Rising electricity prices are not just a concern for homeowners, as they can also have a significant impact on businesses as well.

One sector that is currently facing the prospect of higher energy bills is the sugar mill industry in Queensland, where they have become a major financial burden.

Chief executive officer of the Australian Sugar Milling Council Dominic Nolan explained that the industry could be facing rises of more than 600 per cent, as recommended by the Queensland Competition Authority.

"Cost increases of this magnitude would put jobs at risk in regional communities up and down the Queensland coast and could question the very viability of some mills," he commented.

Mr Nolan was keen to point out that it is not only this sector that will suffer, as similar electricity price rises are also in the pipeline for other regional industries.

The federal government recently announced a new funding package aimed at helping small and medium-sized businesses improve their energy efficiency.

The money has been made available through the Clean Energy Future package and will also be offered to community groups.

Posted by Charlie Moore