Electricity infrastructure investment addresses summer demand

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Around $4 billion has been allocated for investment in New South Wales' electricity infrastructure in the 2011-12 state budget.

The amount is $86 million more than the previous budget, with the government citing a need to develop distribution networks to meet growing demand.

Investment in electricity sector totals 26.1 per cent of state spending in the budget, second only to transport.

The money will be used to refurbish existing power stations, with the government also citing environmental reasons behind the increased spending.

As stated in the budget: "The drivers for investment in generation are the growing demand for electricity, the need to replace or refurbish power station plant and the need to reduce the environmental footprint of generation."

Interestingly, the government has also asserted that the boost in funding is due to "increasing summer peak demand," hinting at changes in behaviour of consumers.

Summer in NSW is typically hot and humid, with countless consumers relying on air conditioning units to stay cool.

With the government identifying the increase in usage during the hotter seasons, consumers may do well to keep aware of their electricity usage in the coming months.

Constantly running an air conditioning unit can greatly increase energy bills - sporadic use may help to reduce the impact of electricity prices on the household budget.