Electricity efficiency tips: consider your windows

With electricity prices on the rise, many Australians are currently investigating innovative ways to cut back on power use and minimise their monthly utility bills.

One of the best ways of doing this is through finding ways to make your home more energy efficient, an example of which might be ensuring that you have the right glazing and treatments on your windows to suit your home.

According to the ACT government, standard double glazing can reduce the heat loss of single glazing by 50 per cent, meaning less time with the electric heater on during winter.

Double glazed windows also bring other benefits such as increased strength, fire resistance and outside noise reduction, so this might be a worthwhile investment if you haven't yet made the switch.

Another option for reducing electricity prices might be through evaluating your current power prices against those offered by other suppliers via an electricity comparison.

Whatever your choice, it's important to realise that there are solutions out there to help you reduce your monthly power bills and combat the rising cost of living.

Posted by Charlie Moore