Electricity efficiency in the workplace

Energy efficiency is not just a consideration for homeowners - business operators and employees can also make efforts to reduce spending on power.

Electricity prices and your monthly bill can be affected by how eco-friendly you are.

Offices, garages and other work environments can benefit from changing habits which may already exist, or implementing new ones that make conservation a top priority.

Lights that are left on overnight unnecessarily are a good place to start. Make sure that the last person to leave the site switches them off - perhaps leave a reminder taped to the door, just in case.

Equipment that does not require constant power should be turned off when not in use. Computer screens and microwaves are a good example of appliances that may not need to remain on standby.

Technology that can save power in the long run may be an option for your company. Infra-red detectors that turn off lights and power switches when a room is unoccupied may be a good investment, especially for a larger site.

For web-based businesses, it may help to consider printing as an option and not a necessity. Both electricity and paper costs are increased with the use of printers, and if they are not required they may be better employed as a last-choice appliance.

Posted by Charlie Moore