Electricity discounts offered to Victorian pensioners

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Pensioners and other eligible concession holders in Victoria will be eligible to claim up to $30 million in discounts on electricity bills over the summer.

Minister for community services Mary Wooldridge said those who hold pensioner concession cards, health care cards or veterans gold cards can claim a 17.5 per cent slashing of their invoices - a discount which is more generous than any other state government.

Before March in 2011, this concession only applied to the six months of the year that covered the winter period.

Ms Wooldridge stated: "By delivering on a Coalition election commitment, we have made electricity concessions available 12 months of the year, including during the hot summer months.

"This will give some comfort to pensioners and other concession card holders that they can get financial assistance to run air-conditioning and other cooling."

During last summer, the first time the government offered year-round concessions, savings of $28.7 million were offered to consumers across the state.

The minister predicts that up to 800,000 will benefit from these discounts which will aid struggling consumers with rising electricity prices.