Electrical safety advice for the Easter weekend

Many people embark on DIY projects around the home over the Easter weekend, according to Queensland's biggest electricity supplier, but putting safety first should still be top of the agenda.

Ergon Energy, which provides services to 97 per cent of the state's residents, said those looking to take on some work around the house should not take any risks with electrical safety.

One of the primary causes for danger when committing to a home renovation project are the use of power tools and electrical equipment.

"The best protection against electrical accidents is the installation of a safety switch," explained Peter Billing, executive general manager of operations at the company.

"In the majority of electrical faults, a safety switch will shut off the power supply instantaneously to protect people using electrical equipment."

However, he warned homeowners to avoid tackling any electrical rewiring or repairs on their own, and to instead seek out a qualified professional.

Even with a safety switch installed, people should still avoid using electrical appliances around areas that are wet, Mr Billing said, while also making sure to wear strong, rubber-soled footwear.

Residents may come across electricity risks when performing everyday tasks, he added, including clearing gutters that are near service lines.

Posted by Charlie Moore