Eco friendly business owner cuts electricity bill

One Sunshine Coast property developer is reaping the rewards of his decision to create an eco friendly office.

Ron Grabbe Development's 206 square metre office at Wurtulla was built with the environment firmly in mind and contains a plethora of special features.

The unique design initiatives led to it becoming the first structure outside of Brisbane to receive the Green Building Council Australia's Five Star Green Star rating for interiors.

Among its impressive features are a lighting system programmed to react to outside light and shut down when not required, as well as a solar system delivering renewable energy and enabling the entire office to shut down at night.

But it is the enormous reduction in electricity bills that may prove to be the biggest long-term benefit of Grabbe's plan.

He told Sunshine Coast Daily last Wednesday (November 9) that the company actively seeks out concepts with the potential to reduce green impact and cost of living for users.

While not all businesses have the capacity to operate under such an energy-efficient system, there are other ways savvy owners and managers can make crucial cost cuts.

By speaking to a switching service, you may be able to find a better deal on electricity prices and make significant savings as a result.

Posted by Charlie Moore