Drivers with an eco-friendly car may wish to compare electricity prices in order to save money

It seems that with electricity prices on the rise more and more consumers are looking for cost effective ways to save money.

And while attaching solar panels to your roof or switching off appliances at the power point are smart solutions that can curb bills, it may pay to look at a range of energy options.

Running a home or business often has a number of running costs associated with simple day-to-day tasks.

Often something as straightforward as paying bills or posting mail can feel like a logistical nightmare that drains resources.

But for brands with a remote work force, issues such as gas and electricity costs often pale in comparison to the ongoing repayments made to employees forking out thousands on petrol to travel the type of long distances that have come to typify the Australian commuter experience.

With this in mind, it may not come as a surprise to learn that experts are predicting the sale of electric cars to skyrocket.

In an article on energy prices today news provider The Australian said that figures released by the federal government confirm rumours of an increase in the use of next generation auto-mobiles.

Ongoing studies into the technology conscious consumer shows that individuals are keen to turn their back on petrol guzzling models and adopt clean energy practices.

Report findings reveal that as many as 20 per cent of all new car sales will involve an electric vehicle by 2030, which is a projected increase of 45 per cent.

Experts are suggesting that the surge in popularity may be due to a number of competing factors such as a greater awareness of environmental issues, lowering sale prices as well as a desire to avoid paying high prices for petrol and diesel.

However, some commentators are concerned that the burgeoning popularity of electric and hybrid cars could end up costing tax payers.

Advanced modelling seems to suggest that the changing face of the motor vehicle industry may come with a $10.2 billion fee attached.

For consumers attempting to charge their cars in peak periods it will have an impact on the overall price of electricity.

If you are environmentally aware with an electric or hybrid car, it might be a good idea to compare electricity prices in order to make sure that you are getting the best value for money.

Posted by Charlie Moore