Door-to-door sales from energy suppliers

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Hearing a knock at the door when you are not expecting it usually means one thing - a salesperson is standing on the other side ready to give advice on a range of products and services.

And while this can be handy at the right time - if you are on the hunt for a new gas supplier, for example - it can often be an annoyance.

However, energy companies who utilise door-to-door sales strategies may have to reconsider their tactics as federal campaigning has begun for the introduction of a Do Not Knock register.

Labour minister Steve Georganas is pushing for a bill similar to the one which restricts telephone sales people, but which deals with in-person sales on private property.

Mr Georganas said that the Do Not Knock stickers currently in use by some are not legally enforceable, and the register would provide residents with more back-up against aggressive sales tactics.

He added that the register would also help more vulnerable Australians like the elderly and disabled.

If the bill is debated and passed, addresses could be registered and then remain on the list for up to three years.

Posted by Callum Fleming