Door-to-door energy sales codes of practice

It is always recommended that when faced with a choice like switching electricity suppliers you ensure that your decision is based on your own opinions and made after careful consideration of the pros and cons.

We have all experienced door-to-door salespeople touting their marketing pitch and offering a supposedly better deal for whichever product they are selling.

And while the majority of these marketers are genuine, registered and abide by ethical sales standards, some can be difficult to deal with and frustrating for householders.

Energy Assure is an industry initiative that ensures the best practice of door-to-door sales of energy contracts.

Launched in January, this scheme has been reporting some significant facts and figures on the impact of door knocking.

Energy Assured's chief executive Anne Whitehouse said that since the program's inception, energy suppliers have been submitting door-to-door sales complaint numbers each month.

The total number of complaints received so far has been one for every 5,000 doors knocked on, or 0.02 per cent.

Also, 26 sales agents have been deregistered for unacceptable behaviour since January, which means they cannot sell door-to-door for any of Energy Assured's retailers for five years.

"This demonstrates that energy retailers and their marketers are committed to responsible sales practices and want to protect consumers by removing rogue agents from the industry," Ms Whitehouse stated.

Posted by Charlie Moore