Door knocking for energy sales: what you should expect

With recent reports concerning the conduct of door-to-door energy salespeople putting marketing strategies in the spotlight, consumers may be wondering how they can best deal with door knockers.

While these types of salespeople can often provide useful information for those considering an electricity comparison, there is a minority that has been causing frustration for householders and the companies who employ them.

Energy Assured has some tips for people who answer their front doors to find a registered energy salesperson, specifically regarding what behaviour they should expect from these marketers.

Householders should find that their wishes are respected by courteous and professional representatives who only drop by during the permitted times of the day.

They will always identify themselves and provide you with their name, the company they represent and their identification - and if contact is inconvenient, unwelcome or inappropriate it will cease.

Registered Energy Assured representatives will always communicate clearly and truthfully and never use high pressure sales tactics or exploit inexperience or vulnerability.

All the terms of any contract, inclusive of price and any associated fees, will be explained fully, as well as any cooling-off period.

Posted by Charlie Moore