Do you need to change your mobile phone behaviour?

Smartphones are everywhere - they're powerful and open up access to the internet, email and social media networks.

Due to their increased capabilities, many smartphone contracts come with a number of separate charges for different uses which are measured either in blocks of time or data.

For this reason, it may be a wise decision for consumers to re-evaluate how they are using their phone, to limit their chance of receiving an excessive bill.

Texting instead of calling is one such method - for those times when a conversation is not necessary, a simple text message can convey necessary information without tallying up several minutes of talk time.

Other phone users choose to use their handsets for social media activities such as Facebook and Twitter.

For customers whose plan charges them for data usage, these may add up to a significant expense over time.

If this is case, it may be better to use these platforms at the home or the office where no extra cost is incurred.

Another tip is to use open wireless networks where available, limiting the amount of data being purchased via usage of 3G networks.

For those consumers who remain unhappy with their bill, they can consider consulting a switching service to find the best mobile plan for them.

Posted by Eve Gillespie