Do telecommunications developments impact your service?

Technology is constantly evolving at a rapid rate.

These developments cross the actual hardware of your phone, the software inside it as well as the network as a whole.

Changes in how people use features on their phone inevitably impact on how they are charged for them.

A report from the Australian Communications and Media Authority states that it is good for the consumer to have a range of options available to them from a number of different providers.

However, they have also drawn attention to how developments "are likely to further increase the complexity of the telecommunications marketplace".

The rollout of the National Broadband Network and the increasing popularity of data-intensive applications for mobile phones have the potential to result in more confusion over where customers need to direct their feedback.

According to the report: "The customer service and complaints-handling framework will need to be flexible and adaptable to deliver effective consumer protection for emerging technologies and delivery platforms."

ACMA believes that greater transparency is needed in order for consumers to know exactly what they are using on their telecommunications plan, why this is occurring and who they should contact in order to query or complain.

They have also highlighted the need for this transparency to allow consumers to make informed decisions in the event they need to compare phone plans.