Do I need to replace my boiler?

Replacing your boiler might seem like quite a task, but in reality it could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. Generally speaking, older boilers tend to be less efficient than their newer counterparts, therefore making your gas bills higher than they need to be.

If you're considering changing your boiler, then there are some key considerations you'll need to take into account before taking the plunge.

Weigh up potential savings

The amount you could save on your gas bills will largely depend on how old and inefficient your existing boiler is - and which model you're upgrading to.

Unlike some other countries, Australia doesn't have a boiler energy efficiency rating system, which can make it difficult to determine the exact facts and figures. However, manufacturers should provide information on the overall running costs of the product, so it's worth checking with them when deciding which model to go for.

Selecting the right boiler

There are generally two types of boiler available - those with a separate hot water cylinder and combination boilers. The latter doesn't need a cylinder and is often considered to be the more efficient of the two.

Although a regular boiler will initially be more efficient at producing hot water, some heat will be lost. As a result, a combination model is likely to be better in the long run.

Condensing boilers have also appeared on the market over recent years and offer another energy-efficient alternative. It works by capturing some of the heat from gases released from the flue, which is then used to warm up water from the central heating system.

Choosing the best fit for your space

One factor that might influence the boiler you select is the amount of space that is available. Combination boilers generally take up less room because they don't have a hot water cylinder.

If space is at a premium, you might find your options are limited, but this doesn't mean you can't select one of the more efficient models on the market.

Assess the costs

Having a new boiler fitted isn't a cheap exercise, which is why it's important to think carefully about whether it is going to be worthwhile. If you suspect you are paying over the odds for your gas bills, then an upgrade could well prove the right option.

The initial outlay for the boiler might seem great, but in the long run these cost savings are likely to be reflected in the reduced amount you pay to your gas supplier.

Posted by Richard West