Digital TV switch made easier for vision impaired

For those consumers considering the switch to digital television before the analogue option is gone completely by 2013, it could be the best idea to take a balanced approach to available prices and compare phone plans.

Telecoms services offering digital television packages could have various benefits for certain consumers.

Those who may be affected differently by the change to digital TV are being catered for by a federal government initiative called the Digital Switchover Household Assistance Scheme.

One part of this scheme is the rollout of talking set-top boxes for the vision impaired, which provide text-to-speech descriptions of programs, menu items and menu layouts.

Users are also able to change the style of speech and provide talking instructions for the remote control.

The rollout commenced last week (May 18) after a successful trial in Victoria and the federal minister for broadband, communications and the digital economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, said that the service will be of significant use to eligible consumers.

"This initiative means that eligible blind people will be able to reap the benefits of this new technology, which has only recently been made available in Australia through the Gillard government's investment," he asserted.

Posted by Eve Gillespie