Deloitte: Those in need not targeted by bill concessions

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Concession programs from governments to assist those struggling with their power bills need to be more targeted, a report has found.

Deloitte prepared the Improving Energy Concessions and Hardship Payments Policies report for the Energy Supply Association of Australia (ESAA), which found that a number of specific groups were being overlooked by the variety of concession systems from state governments and territories.

Low-income singles, regional customers, young families and first-home buyers are all at risk of being ineligible for the different schemes which provide assistance for rising electricity prices.

ESAA chief executive Matthew Warren explained that governments need to help those that that require it the most.

He said: "Cost of living pressures, including power bills, are really hurting a broader range of households than the concessions system currently caters for.

"It's time state governments around Australia reviewed the eligibility criteria on concessions so those really in need get the help they deserve. Energy concessions are paid by the entire community through our taxes so must be used to help out only those most in need."

Mr Warren warned that if assistance is not appropriately targeted, a very expensive scheme will result where families will be subsidising the energy bills of the wealthy through taxes, meaning that government budgets loses out on money to invest in infrastructure.

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Posted by Charlie Moore