Damaged Jemena smart meters may cause loss of supply

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In 2009 the Australian government began its smart meter rollout, allowing users greater control in the management and recording of their electricity consumption.

The benefits to electricity suppliers include being able to remotely connect power for new homeowners or occupiers and providing greater opacity for bill payers in terms of how and when they are using their energy.

A recent spate of tampering involving Jemena's smart meters has prompted a police investigation and independent tests on behalf of the company, to determine the nature of the vandalism.

Jemena managing director Paul Adams said they were confident that the tampering was deliberate and urged people to be cautious around the meters.

"Interfering with the safe operation of smart meters is a very dangerous thing to do. While the vandalised meters failed safely, it must be remembered that all electrical equipment is dangerous and must not be tampered with," he said.

Mr Adams also stressed the flow-on effect of tampering with energy supply and suggested the vandals may have caused power loss for other customers.

He maintained that customers should not be worried about Jemena's supply, adding: "The smart meters being installed by Jemena meet all relevant Australian standards and extremely rigorous risk assessments were undertaken as part of our meter procurement process."

Posted by Charlie Moore