Customer loyalty for best phone plans

The best phone plans can often come with unique benefits or special dispensations that other companies cannot offer.

Minutes discounts, flat-fee text services and web capabilities can all be used by service providers to entice customers and help people make a decision about which plan is the best for their needs.

After posting a dip in sales for 2011, Vodafone is now pushing a guarantee it launched in September last year in a bid to encourage new customers to use its on-contract plans and new 3G service.

Computerworld reported today (March 12) that Hutchison Telecommunications, Vodafone's parent company, claimed a $167 million loss for the year up until December 31, 2011.

The guarantee - which was initially only offered to Canberra and South Australia residents - offers Vodafone customers the opportunity to terminate their contracts early if they are unsatisfied with the level of service they have received.

Devices can be returned and they will only pay for the services they used up until the cancellation is processed.

According to Computerworld's report, the average return rate for used phones has been five per day.

Posted by Eve Gillespie