Custom sun shades could cut summer energy consumption

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If you are worried about the cost of cooling your property during the summer months, retractable sun shades, awnings and blinds could all be useful solutions to consider.

Custom awning and blinds provider Issey Varasun recently highlighted the benefits of 'shading on demand'. Sun shades can be adapted to suit any weather conditions, while blinds and awnings are an affordable, easy-to-install way to keep houses cool in summer weather.

A considerable portion of an Australian household's energy requirements are used by heating and cooling devices - and finding alternative solutions could help you save on electricity prices.

Properties with glass roofs and open pergolas can be particularly warm in the summer months - but a few simple measures can be taken that may help you avoid using air conditioners.

If you do decide to opt for an air conditioning unit instead, there are a number of things you can do to boost its effectiveness and overall efficiency.

Setting a thermostat level will ensure the device is only on when you need it to be - when the temperature rises above a certain level - can be one way of maximising your air conditioner.

Ensuring windows and doors are closed and sealed can also ensure that no energy is wasted when using your air conditioner.

Posted by Charlie Moore