Coping with extended power outages

For those who have been affected by the floods and pouring rain in parts of New South Wales and Queensland, electricity suppliers may have had to cut power for safety purposes.

If that is the case, there a number of things you can do around your home to tide you over until the power comes back on.

Stock up on candles and matches to ensure that you have adequate light for the duration of the outage - but ensure that you take precautions to protect your home from a potential fire.

As power in some parts will be out for a number of days, affected locals need to think about looking for long lasting foods, if there supermarket is up and running. Two-minute noodles, frozen dinners and long life milk are all examples of produce that can survive.

Look at buying some heavy duty coolers to keep items cool that can't go to room temperature.

Also, keep torches and battery operated radios around the house so that you and your family are privy to important information.

Consider investing in a gas cooker of some description so that your food can be heated up. This would be especially wise if you live in a flood prone area where this disaster could occur again.

If your home is without power for multiple days, try and catch up on some reading or see it as an opportunity to chat with family members.

Posted by Charlie Moore