Consumers warned of other ways their phone is costing them

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Despite their unassuming size, mobile phones can have a huge impact on your finances.

Hidden charges, data consumption rates and poor customer service are often cited as the reasons to compare phone plans in search of a better deal.

However, a new report has shown how many customers are being hit with extra expenses due to their bad phone habits - texting whilst driving.

An article from released today (October 21) has revealed that Victorian drivers were fined almost $14 million for using phones whilst driving.

Bingle spokesperson Melanie Vine says: "While the siren song of your beeping mobile can be hard to resist, even while driving, it can be a dangerous and expensive addiction.

"In the last financial year, 57,908 Victorian motorists were issued a fine - $239 last financial year - for using a mobile phone while driving, adding up to $13,840,0123.

Vine urges phone customers to purchase hands-free units if they plan on taking calls when in transit.

Not only is it hitting people's wallets, texting whilst driving is also a key contributor to car accidents across Australia.

Whilst phones have become a necessity for the majority of the population, smart usage must always be employed to keep roads safe and minimise the impact on your monthly bills.