Consumers have a part to play in determining electricity prices, says report

Australians who are looking to switch electricity suppliers - or who are in the market to shop around for a better deal than the one they are currently getting - could do well to make use of the online comparison service that some sites offer.

Taking advantage of having price and benefit information for the many suppliers in the industry today available in one place can remove much of the hassle from comparison undertakings.

And while the industry itself can be an important factor in the setting of the power prices a user can investigate, the role of the consumer has been highlighted as a crucial one by a recent report into energy regulation.

Professor Allan Fels, on behalf of the Australian Competition Tribunal, released his findings today (April 3), with a recommendation to include consumer groups in network regulation.

His report focused on keeping decisions made by energy networks transparent and holding participants in the system designed to set prices accountable.

"Checks and balances in any regulatory system are essential for good decision-making. Regulators should be accountable. Consumers and businesses should be free to test what they see as flawed decisions," he said.

Posted by Charlie Moore