Complaints to EWOV jump

The annual report by the Victorian Energy and Water Ombudsman has found that complaints from billpayers have risen 23 per cent.

Analysis has shown that in the last financial year, complaints regarding electricity have been the major instigator for the overall jump.

Consumers were said to be outraged regarding solar tariffs and concerned about smart meter installation and billing systems with some of the energy providers.

Issues relating to credit have also jumped by 20 per cent, coinciding with the increase in electricity prices with the report saying that energy providers are changing their methods of payment to ensure they are receiving the money.

The report read: "1,894 customers raised payment difficulties as their main issue, down nine per cent from 2,085 customers the previous year.

"We believe this fall highlights action by energy retailers to obtain payment through threatened or actual disconnection - so the customer's main reason for contacting EWOV switched from payment difficulties to supply disconnection."

But over five years, complaints have increased by 197 per cent concerning electricity, gas complaints have grown by 126 per cent in that same period and water criticisms have gone up by 74 per cent.

Posted by Charlie Moore