Compare phone plans for Sony Xperia S

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People who like to keep up to date with the latest mobile phone technology will be glad to hear that Sony’s newest offering is on its way!

Having a timely review of the best mobile plan for your needs might be a good idea, as the Xperia S is set to be launched in a few weeks.

As it is only the second smartphone to be made by the company it will certainly be one to watch - and online technophile publications have posted previews of the device with encouraging tones.

Delimiter's reviewer said: "Sony's Xperia series has always had a stellar design, and I love the way this new handset looks. With solid specifications to match, it will be very interesting to see what reviewers think of it."

Sam Gibbs of Gizmodo UK also commented positively: "Sony's new phone line has been making waves - there's lots to like about the Xperia S…apart from the fact that it hasn't officially arrived in Australia yet."

While there has not been an official launch date set, the device will be made available to Optus consumers in early April, followed by other phone companies and handset retailers soon afterward. 

Posted by Eve Gillespie