Compare phone plans and avoid 'bill shock'

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'Bill shock' refers to the surprise a mobile phone user can experience when their account displays unexpected charges.

It can arise from consumers not being aware of the best way to take advantage of their mobile package and feeling that they are not receiving value for money.

Some research could be all that is needed to compare phone plans and make sure you are getting the best deal - and according to Macquarie University study one-third of Australians might need to undertake this task.

The State Of The Mobile Nation paper shows that almost half of the country's mobile consumers experience bill shock and that the industry is making upwards of $557 million a year on overrun minutes allowances, text messages and data caps.

Dr David Gray, senior lecturer at Macquarie University, said that the most affected consumers tend to be those on traditional plans.

"They are being offered lots of choice, but it's not translating into value," he asserted.

Using online comparison sites can help those in the market to find the best mobile plan and take the hassle out of finding a good deal.

Making sure that you receive benefits suited to your unique needs can be the best way to ensure value for money in a mobile plan.

Posted by Eve Gillespie